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Data For Good is a French community of data scientist & developers that put their skills to the benefit of solving social problems. First as a meetup, it is now a small acceleration program, matching & accompanying voluntaries with associations and NGOs twice a year.

I participated in the batch #2 (Autumn 2016) and chose to help Oxfam in analysing the role that tax havens play in the activities of the top 20 European Banks.

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Since 2013, all European banks are required to publish information on their activities (profits & turnover), staff, tax paid and subsidies received in each territory in which they are established - including tax havens. In March 2016, a first report published by Oxfam (you can find it here) examined the country-by-country reportings of the five largest French banks (BNP Paribas, BPCE, Société Générale, Crédit Agricole, and Crédit Mutuel).

The goal is to publish a similar report in March 2017, but this time going much further in the analysis: cleaner data, enrich & cross with open data, more countries, extract & investigate their subsidiaries. We will also build a small website to let people visualize, understand & filter the data.

What we did

  • extracted data from pdf tables with the open-source tool Tabula
  • cleaned & processed data using Python & Pandas
  • used Dataiku & PostgreSQL to centralize everything

Go further

The final report can be viewed here.

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