A presentation on the digital commons


Over the last 2 months, the size of the team at Refinitiv Labs has almost doubled. With the new joiners, we've decided to setup a bi-monthly Passion Share session where anyone can introduce us to an activity or project they're passionate about.

Yesterday was my turn, and among the many subjects I considered presenting, I chose the digital commons. It would be a good challenge to gather my thoughts and examples in some slides, share the concept in simple terms (not an easy feat 😅). I did struggle a bit to find good content online on the subject (I even felt there were much better content when searching for the French naming communs numériques).

There's 2 personal projects I worked on this year that relate to the subject of the digital commons:

  • OpenStreetMap x Singapore
  • OpenFoodFacts x Redmart

Anyway, the presentation went great!

The slides can be accessed here (done a bit quickly using Markdown): https://hackmd.io/@raphodn/BkyI9MDXS (for the raw Markdown file, click here)

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