Born & raised in the French Alps ( Grenoble 🏔️), I obtained a Master's degree in Telecom & CS at INSA de Lyon.

After working 2 years as a Product Engineer (full-stack web development & data science) at Ekimetrics in Paris, I relocated in 2017 to South-East Asia (Singapore 🇸🇬) to explore new opportunities and challenges.

2 and a half years later it was time to move back to France. I'm currently working as a freelance full-stack developer for beta.gouv.fr.

Professional Experiences & Skills

I have 5 years of experience working as a full-stack developer, on a dozen+ different projects, in teams of various sizes and nationalities.

I've developed and maintained applications using all kinds of languages, frameworks, databases and cloud providers. I'm most comfortable with Javascript & Python.

I enjoy writing clean code and building solid APIs.

See Skills and Experiences for more details.


 Fields I care about: Data visualization, Cartography, Digital commons, Privacy, Knowledge Management, Social entrepreneurship, Data journalism, Education & Civic tech, Blockchain & Decentralization, Graph databases, Zero waste, Sustainability & Resilience, Future of food, Maker culture & Low tech, Urbanism & Urbex, Creative code, Contemporary art with a touch of data

 A subset of activities I enjoy doing: Reading & Learning, Football, Hiking, Cycling, Piano, Snowboard, Sailing, Backpacking, Origami, Stargazing

Elsewhere Online

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You can reach out to me through Twitter, or via email (firstname dot lastname at protonmail dot com).